Tiurmina Tarigan and Sahat Pasaribu

by / Tuesday, 08 November 2016 / Published in Testimonials

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Good morning,
I have been a Member of Accor Vacation Club Asia since 2012 and I really interested to join the club because the service from Accor Group is excellent, previously my in laws and I had been Members of Accor Advantage plus for 5 years, another reason is I love travelling for refreshing after the stress at work as a doctor, and also my husband is a very busy businessman.
This Membership is very cheap and has lots of benefits, for example; I used my points in USA for two weeks as well as in Australia, I feel so wow and amazing because it saves a lot of cost. I also used my points within AHPP for domestic and I will use my Interval International for travelling abroad, I really like this club because I can travel with all family and this Membership also can be used for my in laws and grand children as a gift.
Thank you so much Accor Vacation Club
DR drg Tiurmina Tarigan MARSDR drg Tiurmina Tarigan MARS